Weekday Eucharists in the Cathedral

In September the pattern of our weekday Eucharists will change. There will be one Eucharist per day, and always at 10.00am except on Saturdays when the service will remain at 9.30am. On Wednesdays tea and coffee is available after the service in Prebendal House for congregation, clergy and cathedral staff and we hope that this will be a popular midweek meeting point.

This arrangement will simplify the pattern of services and also help to accommodate visiting groups in the Cathedral.


The new pattern from Monday 2nd September:

Monday 10.00am – Eucharist in the Dyfrig Chapel

Tuesday 10.00am –  Eucharist in the David Chapel

Wednesday 10.00am – Eucharist in the David Chapel followed by tea/coffee in Prebendal House

Thursday 10.00am –  Yr Offeren in the Dyfrig Chapel

Friday 10.00am – Eucharist in the Lady Chapel

Saturday 9.30am – Eucharist in the Teilo Chapel

The offices of Morning Prayer at 8.30am on Monday to Thursday and Evensong at 5.30pm Monday to Saturday will continue as now, and all are welcome to attend.