#turnwalesred Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Llandaff Cathedral is taking part in The Royal British Legion in Wales Annual Poppy Appeal by turning the Cathedral red for the next two weeks until Remembrance Sunday on November 13.

The Poppy Appeal 2016 is encouraging the public to ‘rethink Remembrance’ and recognise the sacrifices made across all generations of the British Armed Forces.

The Dean said “We are delighted to partner with the Royal British Legion for the launch of this year’s Poppy Appeal. Llandaff Cathedral is only too well aware of the cost of warfare, having been devastated by a landmine during WW2 and being home to the Welch Regiment memorial chapel. It is important that we continue to remember the true cost of warfare and the great sacrifices made – both in the past and throughout the world today.”

28/10/2016 Pics (C) HUW JOHN MANDATORY BYLINE - Huw John, Cardiff Poppy Appeal - Llandaff Cathedral lit up in red mail@huwjohn.com www.huwjohn.com M: 07860 256991
28/10/2016 Pics (C) HUW JOHN
MANDATORY BYLINE – Huw John, Cardiff
Poppy Appeal – Llandaff Cathedral lit up in red
[email protected]
M: 07860 256991

The Cathedral is one many historic sites across the country turning red, to commemorate the centenary this year of the Somme.  Fought between July 1 and November 1, 1916 near the Somme River in France, it was one of the bloodiest military battles in history. On the first day alone, the British suffered more than 57,000 casualties, and by the end of the campaign the lives of more than 1.5 million men were lost. Between 7th and 14th July 1916, the 38th (Welsh) Division paved the way for control of the woodland at Mametz- nearly a mile wide and more than a mile deep – in northern France. Its capture was of key importance in the Battle of the Somme where Allied forces would fight the Germans on a 15-mile front for five months. During the bloody five-day battle 3,993 Welsh soldiers were killed, missing or injured.
The Welsh launch aims to commemorate these brave men that were lost during the Somme.dscf4174

dscf8009Llandaff Cathedral would especially like to extend thanks to our electrical contractors Budd Electrical http://www.buddelectrical.co.uk/ for their help, support and generosity with the repairs and relamping to restore the outside lighting and turn the Cathedral red.