Repairing of the Colours at Llandaff Cathedral

A number of the Colours at the Cathedral were recently taken down for repair in an attempt to preserve their natural life as long as possible out of respect for the sacrifice and service to country that they represent. The photographs demonstrate some of the stages in this painstaking process of repair and renovation.  fixingcoloursThese Colours were presented by HRH The Prince of Wales KG as Colonel-in-Chief, at Cardiff Castle on 29th July 1989.  The occasion was the Tercentenary Parade to commemorate the Raising of Dering’s Regiment of Foot in 1689.  They replace those presented at Cardiff Castle on 11th June 1969.

On the Pike of The Queen’s Colour is a silver replica of the Wreath of Immortelles presented by HM Queen Victoria on 28th July 1880 to mark the gallant conduct of Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill who lost their lives in attempting to save the Queen’s Colour 1/24th after the disaster at Isandlwana and the noble action of B Company 2/24th at Rorke’s Drift during the Anglo-Zulu war in 1879. 

These Colours have been carried in Hong Kong, UK, Northern Ireland, Germany, Kosovo and Iraq.