Rainbow Fair 2017

After anxiously watching the clouds all day, we were blessed with dry weather for our annual Rainbow Fair last week. IMG_1310

It was very well attended and there was wonderful atmosphere around the Green. The donkeys were kept very busy taking youngsters up and down the Green, not to mention the members of the Llandaff Society who organised this and escorted the riders. IMG_1286 IMG_2599 IMG_1312
The stalls were bustling and, sadly, the Trefoil Guild ran out of Hot Dogs due to the high demand. The addition of a Summer Pimms stall was very successful IMG_1314The novelty dog show proved to be highly entertaining.

IMG_1293 (002)IMG_1294 (002)IMG_1296 (002)IMG_1301 (002)

We finished with the release of a Rainbow of balloons. We hope they will travel far carrying messages from the children. IMG_1315 (002)

Many thanks to everyone who came to join in the fun, to all the Parish organisations, community groups and individuals who ran stalls and games and, also, to the very hard working volunteers of the Llandaff Cathedral Social Committee who made everything possible.

(Llandaff Cathedral Social Committee)