Limited places available for Latin in the Cloisters

at Llandaff Cathedral, Saturday 29th April 2017

A day of Latin for beginners with George Sharpley

Spend a day sampling classical Latin, with insights into lives of the writers; discover the Latin words behind English and Welsh ones, see how the language works, and hear Latin poems, all in a day!

One of the brightest lights of our emergence from the so-called Dark Ages was the introduction of Latin in the cathedrals of Europe. From this grew schools and universities, most of which have long since parted with their founders. Latin was the lingua franca of medieval Europe, when monks and churchmen were trained to write Latin in order to produce the religious, administrative and legal texts required of the time. And when the day job was done, they turned to the earlier classical writings of Virgil, Ovid and others who reflected values of a quite different world; but they were too good to ignore. Stories of mischievous gods and whimsical goddesses were accepted as allegories. And now Latin is to be presented again in these wonderful settings! Not only were churches responsible for teaching classical literature, they also preserved the books in their historic libraries.

More information and enrolment details from:
The LATIN QVARTER 01452 731113