Christian Aid Week 2021

Christian Aid was founded by British and Irish churches just after the Second World War – so this year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary. It is worth taking a moment to remind ourselves that together, we have helped people to triumph in the face of the impossible. Whatever it took, we refused to give in.

During the 1960s Christian Aid supporters made a difference in Nigeria, in Kenya and in India. You helped us to create the Disasters Emergency Committee and set up the World Development Movement. Christian Aid fought racism and worked with Martin Luther King while he was in the UK. More recently Christian Aid supporters helped more than 500,000 people with food, shelter and healthcare after the 2004 Asian tsunami. The need for our work is as apparent today as it ever was, as global conflicts, the COVID pandemic and the developing climate crisis, leave people in poverty, hungry, homeless and heartbroken.

Christian Aid Week is scheduled for 9 – 16 May. Whilst it is clear that there will still be some COVID restrictions in place at that time, these should not hinder our aspirations. Please start thinking and planning now, so that we can put all your best ideas into practice. For example, we could get sponsorship for family car washes, walking, running or cycling. A cake stall or toy stall could be organised. Virtual events are also possible and the list for these is endless. David and Sue Smith are already making plans for an open-air book sale, weather permitting. More details to follow.

Of course, donations can also be made in the traditional way during Christian Aid Week or online if preferred, but let’s all put our thinking caps on and continue to do the very best that we can in whatever way we can for Christian Aid! Together we will continue to make a difference!

Kate Bates, Christian Aid Co-ordinator.