Cathedral Stewardship 2021

Those of you were at one of the morning services on 3 October will have heard our Canon Treasurer, Rob Lewis and Church Warden, Ian Macdonald, talk about the current financial position of the Cathedral and start our 2021 Stewardship Campaign.

Some members of the congregation have asked for copies of Rob and Ian’s slides. You can click here to view the presentation slides.

In summary their key messages were:

In 2019, the Cathedral incurred a deficit of expenditure over income of £62,000 – our running costs have increased by 14% since 2016 and our income dropped by 6% in the same period, so our financial position was deteriorating even pre Covid;

2020 was a difficult year, notwithstanding a number of one-off contributions to assist with the impact of Covid and the ongoing support from a number of bodies including the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral, the All Churches Trust and the Diocese of Llandaff – 2021 is proving to be similarly challenging, and some of the support that we have received is coming to an end (for example the furlough scheme closed on 30 September and we will no longer receive rebates of our Parish Share, which funds the costs of running the Diocese). Whilst not mentioned explicitly, we can confirm that the new posts of Chief Executive/Chapter Clerk and Assistant Director of Music have been separately funded and therefore this Stewardship Campaign is not seeking to raise funding to pay for these posts;

Since 2018, monthly giving levels have dropped by around 11% – the most efficient way in which you can give to the Cathedral is via the Gift Direct scheme, in particular if you are a UK taxpayer and we are able to claim an additional 25% of the amount of your donation, at no extra cost to you;

We are grateful to every individual and organisation that makes a contribution, either financial or non-financial to the Cathedral and its ministry but, if we are to maintain financial balance, we need to ask for your further support – if we cannot increase our income then we will be faced with some difficult choices to maintain financial balance as we cannot sustain deficits;

Llandaff Cathedral is at the heart of the community of Llandaff and beyond – we financially support the ministry in the Diocese and numerous charities including local foodbanks and Christian Aid, helping those in need overseas. We also support parish organisations and schools and have a large and thriving Sunday School, probably one of the largest in Wales;

Our vision is for the Cathedral to be full of life and activity, drawing people in for many reasons as well as worship and prayer: music, talks, tours, school groups, societies and guilds as well as tourist groups – to achieve that we need to invest in our facilities;

Stewardship is not just about money, it is also about time and talents – we also need volunteers to support that growth and help to open the Cathedral back up again, as we take the first steps back to normality.

Gift Direct scheme

The Gift Direct scheme is administered by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales and the relevant information can be found here.  If you have any queries in relation to the scheme (including getting details of your DG Number, which you will need to amend your existing direct debit) please e-mail [email protected].

If you are considering using Gift Direct for the first time:

We are very grateful to those people who collected Gift Direct leaflets at the end of the services but for those that would rather deal online, to register for donations for the first time, click here – please ensure that where asked to select a beneficiary, you select “Llandaff, L057, Cathedral: Ss Peter and Paul with Ss Dyfrig, Teilo and Euddogwy, Llandaff”.

If you already use Gift Direct:

If you already give using Gift Direct, you will find a link here to increase your monthly donation if you so wish.

Giving by Standing Order

A number of people have asked whether it is possible to set up a Standing Order arrangement.  It is possible to do this (and for the Cathedral to claim Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer) but this is not administered through the Gift Direct scheme.  If you would like to set up a standing order please e-mail [email protected].

As Rob and Ian mentioned, Chapter is hugely appreciative of all of the support that it has received during 2020 and 2021 and hope that the transparency around our financial position is helpful.  If you are able to make any further contribution of money, time or talents we would be extremely grateful.