An Unexpected Visitor

An unexpected visitor interrupted a quiet Wednesday lunchtime in the Cathedral Office. A small bat was found near the staircase to the office and the staff assembled in an attempt to rescue the creature. The Dean, equipped with a box filled with shredded paper, gently encouraged the bat into its temporary refuge after some difficulty. The covered box was placed outside the office and Jonathan Hoad, the Head Virger, contacted the Bat Conservation Trust who confirmed that the correct steps had been taken.

Liam, from the Bat Conservation Trust, soon arrived to rescue the bat. It was his first call-out of the year and Liam identified the bat as an adult male Soprano Pipistrelle. An unusual addition to the Cathedral Choir perhaps? Liam explained that the area surrounding the Cathedral is home to many kinds of wildlife, most likely including various species of bat. It seems that the bat entered the Cathedral on Sunday morning and was unable to find a way out. Liam carefully examined the bat and, thankfully, found no injuries. He took the bat away in a special box and will monitor it for a few days. He hopes to return by the end of the week to release the bat in the vicinity of the Cathedral, so it can return to its roost.