Alleluia! Spreading the good news that Jesus Christ is risen!

Our purpose is to worship God and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To help us do this, the Archbishop of Wales conducted our Holy Week and Easter celebrations this year which began with the Procession on Palm Sunday.

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On Maundy Thursday we commemorated the Last Supper and the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the gift that Jesus gave before his death. The liturgy also re-enacted Jesus’ washing of the disciples feet as a model for all his followers to imitate as a sign of our service to others.

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Also on the morning of Maundy Thursday the whole diocese came together for the Chrism Eucharist, where the Archbishop consecrated the Holy Oils which are used for the pastoral ministry of the churches in the diocese, specifically to the sick, the dying and to welcome new Christians into the community.

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On Good Friday, we commemorated the Lord’s passion and death in a service that was deeply moving in which the Archbishop preached on the seven last words of Jesus from the Cross.


The Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday reminds the church that Jesus brings us from darkness into the light of his risen life. On Easter Day itself the Cathedral was overwhelmed with a huge number of people, coming to hear this message of new life and the joy of the Lord’s resurrection.

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During the whole of our observances of Holy Week and Easter, over 2,200 people received Communion: in fact, at the 11am Choral Eucharist on Easter Day the Cathedral recorded the highest number of people attending this service for over 17 years.

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The message of Easter is that even in the darkest of times, Jesus gives us hope in new possibilities. The prayers of our Cathedral are focused on our diocese and in particular at this time, for the people of Port Talbot. We pray for Father Nigel Cahill, Father Ben Rabjohns, Father Rhun ap Robert, Father Mark Williams and the Reverend Jayne Slennett who are ministering to the people of Aberavon, that God may strengthen those charged with finding a creative solution to help the people affected by Tata’s decision in South Wales.

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