A Chorister Writes…


Hi, my name is Owen Hurrell. I’m 12 and I’m in my 5th year as a Chorister in Llandaff Cathedral. Since Lockdown everything has changed a lot and we haven’t been able to do any singing as a choir as of yet. I’ve been back to school a few times and really enjoyed being able to see my friends although it is very different to what it is normally like.

For starters, there are only 6 people in my group or pod whereas I’m usually in a classroom of 22. We also have four 75-minute lessons instead of seven 45-minute lessons. I’ve really missed Choristers during lockdown because I am usually really busy doing rehearsals and services but now it seems weird to not be doing it as much. It is also sad that some Choristers will not be able to continue singing after Lockdown as their voices will have broken but we will hopefully still be able to do a proper service to bid them farewell.

We also had to miss some of the best services of the year at Easter, which was very sad, but as of the 30th of June, the choir is starting to do some singing via Zoom. Mr. Moore pre-records the rehearsals and then on Zoom we sing along to the accompaniment however we can’t hear each other because singing together on Zoom doesn’t work too well. Although we don’t know when we will be back singing again it is still great that we can continue practicing so we can be ready to start singing again when services finally begin.

Although I haven’t had choir during lockdown, I’ve still been doing plenty of singing. Every week my Mum and I record songs for our parish church’s online service. Altogether we have recorded 56 hymns and songs for our church so far. This is one we recorded for Maundy Thursday – https://youtu.be/g5YrkmyPAcU.

As well as this I’ve been continuing my singing, cello and piano lessons via Zoom and I have also taken part in a virtual evensong organised by the Rodolfus foundation. You can see my mum and me singing “I was Glad” 30 minutes into this video – https://youtu.be/3X8FYAb3JK0

You may also be able to see some other familiar faces from the choir and the school. We are all looking forward to continuing singing as a choir once again as soon as we are able to.