Recent Friends’ Projects

The Friends are currently supporting the Cathedral in a number of ways.

The Clerestory Shaft Project

With a contribution of £231,000 to support the Clerestory Shaft Project. The stonework of the clerestory shafts was splitting and pieces were in danger of falling due to the internal corrosion of iron cramps, probably a long-term result of water ingress following bomb damage to the roof in 1941.  New stonework with stainless steel fixings is being provided.


A contribution of £25,000 towards the cost of the Cathedral’s music.

Bishop Marshall's Throne

One of the Cathedrals greatest treasures is the medieval painting from Bishop Marshall’s Throne.  The Friends have offered up to £23,000 towards the cost of the current restoration of the painting, to preserve it for future generations.  The picture shows part of the painting and demonstrates the effect of restoration.